Our Process

In Awe Films is a Belizean founded and owned animation and illustration studio.  Through our services we aim to capture our client’s unique brand and style, and give them an end product that will portray them visually to their clients. 

Animation: Scope of Work

Pre-Production – We understand how important the ground work is for any production, so we work along with you to visually conceptualize your idea. Our Pre production phase has several steps.

  • Character Design– We work with you to create a character design/designs that not only represent you well but that also is appealing to your audience.
  • Art Direction/Concept art– is generally a 2d image created to show how the scene and animation will look when completed, and how the character design works in the environment.
  • Story Board– Here is where we draw each scene with the characters acting out the dialogue or script. This is a very important part of the pre-production process because the approved story board is what will be animated.
  • Voice Over– We work with voicing that is provided by our clients or work along with voice over artists to create the dialogue needed for the production.


  • Scene & Prop development– In this step we create the final background scenery for the animation. And any props that the character might be interacting with.
  • Rigging and Animation– Here is where we bring the designed character/characters to life. We animate them following the actions and dialogues that were laid out in the storyboard.

Post Production

  • Compositing/Editing– Here is where we add all animated clips together to make it flow smoothly as one video. Also adding in all special effects.
  • Color grading- In this process we make sure the final look of the film is appealing to look at and that the color style is consistent throughout the final edit video
  • Background music/Sound FX– Sound directs the feel and emotion of the film/production, so we take time to either develop or choose background music and sound effects that will enhance your film.
  • Final video delivery– Completed HD video can be delivered in any video format required as a burned packaged DVD or as a video file transfer.


Illustration: Scope of Work

  • Discussion– this is the initial meeting where the client share in detail what the want for their illustration work.
  • Sketch. A sketch is done for the illustration and sent to client for feedback
  • Coloring/Final– After the sketch is approved the final colors are added, and sent for approval